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Łukasz Skotarek Łukasz Skotarek
.Net, Erlang, Elixir, perkusja, syntezatory, ambient, algorave.
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Spawnfest 2017!
Last weekend (9-10.12) I took part in SpawnFest2017 and I’ve got some thoughts to share...
Today I Learned #3: Solving Comeonin problems on Windows!
Hello there! I did some Elixir tutorial back in the day and there was a need for Comeonin lib....
Today I Learned #2
While a back ago I did a little test. I read the Deliberate Vim book, did the exercises and...
PureScript: The First Look
After ElixirConfEu I decided to try PureScript. Partly for yet another frontend try, party...
Projekt: Open Settlers II
Open Sourcowy port gry The Settlers II. Projekt będzie zawierał wyłącznie backend definiujący logikę gry oraz kontrakt, którego spełnienie umożliwi dodanie dowolnego interfejsu.
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