Uczestnik: Dawid Sibiński

Dawid Sibiński Dawid Sibiński
C#/.NET programmer, working in one of the polish companies producing ERP system and selling it abroad. Apart from working, attendant of Wroclaw .NET Users Group meetings, fan of programming conferences.
Projekt: MoneyBack
MoneyBack is going to be a mobile application (possibly synchronized with a web service), dedicated to Android devices, developed using Xamarin. The purpose of the app is to make settlements / money splitting between people (friends, workmates, family members etc.) easier. MoneyBack - as its name suggests - focuses mainly on the person who paid for the others - it helps him/her to get his/her money back from the rest of the people involved, not being impolite to them in the same time. How many times have you experienced this uncomfortable feeling when someone owns you some money because you paid for something and you don't want to remind him again and again about it, whereas in the same time you just want to have your cash back (for example to cover some costs of the common event to be paid for) ? Or maybe you just don't want to be rude reminding people about money returns ? This is what MoneyBack may help you with.
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