Uczestnik: Andrzej Kaczyński

Andrzej Kaczyński Andrzej Kaczyński
I am a Junior PHP Developer (coding since December 2016) from Poznan, Poland. I want to learn Symfony 2 and have fun :)
I am also a metal drummer for over 10 years so each post will have some nice music to hear after reading :)
Projekt: Busy Bees
Busy Bees - is an application for all busy entrepreneurs to help them manage their businesses.

Project is aiming to provide my wife in tool to manage her business (groomer & pet store). There will be features such like:
- adding new customers and managing them
- adding new visits and setting automatic text message to help customers remind the date
- viewing all upcoming visits in chosen period
- adding sales and viewing/generating reports of chosen period
- your ideas :)
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